About us.

Our mission.

We are the essential link between producer and retailer. We inspire, innovate and challenge. By looking at things from your point of view, we make a difference. That is what drives us. Our added value is clear and self-evident. 

Core values.

  • Customer oriented
  • Proud
  • Innovative
  • Energetic
We make Scents.
You will find our completely renewed website here soon!

Scents & Senses has changed its name to SCENTS. Short, powerful and (also important) a simpler e-mail and web address ;-). For you as a customer nothing changes, we're still there for you every day and full of energy. We are proud of who we are and happy with what we do! We like to think along with you and take on every challenge. Will you take a look at our renewed website SCENTS.nl soon?

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