Yankee Candle.

Mike Kittredge was only 16 years old when he founded Yankee Candle in 1969... SCENTS sells a wide range of Yankee Candle products, such as the well-known Housewarmer® line, seasonal and special scented candles, home and car perfume products and gifts and accessories. Yankee Candle is the largest scented candle manufacturer in the world and also the market leader in this field. Yankee Candle offers more than 100 different scents in the Benelux in the form of candles and home fragrance scents. They innovate all the time by introducing new fragrances every season. That means new fragrances of Yankee Candle four times a year! 

Millefiori Milano.

Perfuming and decorating: it’s all possible with the products of Millefiori Milano... At SCENTS you will find the full range of the Italian brand Millefiori Milano. Millefiori Milano is the largest home fragrance producer of Europe. The range consists of various products, from fragrance reed diffusers to interior and car perfume. Characteristic for every product is the Italian passion! Surprise yourself with the stylish design and the refined scents. 


Unique: the crackling wooden wick... WoodWick is a valuable addition to the SCENTS range. WoodWick candles are available in all shapes and sizes and made from only natural products; the soy wax blend used for this is unique. Characteristic for all WoodWick products is the wonderful scent! The unique wooden wick provides a soft, crackling sound while burning. A nice extra is the special Pluswick Innovation wick. This makes the candle burn better and makes the scent reach you faster. 

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